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Meet Atlas

An exploratory search tool that offers a more intuitive and engaging way to discover insights

Atlas Exploratory Search tool by Stravito

The perfect search tool
for when you're not sure where to start

No matter what role you have or team you're on, Atlas is designed to help you easily navigate large amounts of information. Discover more inspiring research, connect the dots to create unique insights narratives, and make more informed business decisions.

Seamless experience

Enjoy an engaging and interactive approach to exploratory search

AI-powered guidance

Narrow results with AI-powered detection of related topics

Highlighted top pages

Preview the most relevant quotes and pages automatically

High-level overview

Quickly get the big picture and connect the dots between insights

Wide variety of sources

Navigate smoothly across different content types sources

Storytelling support

Get ready-to-use images for decision-making materials 

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Atlas Exploratory Search tool by Stravito