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The State of Inisghts 2022 Q1

In this spotlight report, we zoom in on conversations from the Consumer Insights Podcast in Q1 2023, focusing on a key recurring theme: the human-business connection.

Consumer centricity and human centricity are mainstays of the insights industry, but the business benefits of putting people first have the potential to be even more extensive.

Explore a variety of perspectives on how putting humans first in insights work (and beyond) benefits everyone.

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 Who will your consumers be 10 years from now? How will they change? How will they stay the same?
Answering these questions isnโ€™t easy, but combining insight, foresight, and empathy can take you a long way โ€“ no crystal ball needed.
In this episode of The Consumer Insights Podcast, Thor is joined by Kerry-Ellen Schwartz, Director of Consumer Insights - Predictive Intelligence & Platform Innovation at PepsiCo Foods North America.
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