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Discover a better way to centralize, curate and share your research and insights.

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Inject insight into
more of the business

Stravito's insights platform is designed to be as fast and easy to use as Google. To give you more time to put your analytical skills to work and execute your organization’s consumer centricity strategy. No interruptions. No unused research. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

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Easy to use for everyone

  • Spend less time on training, more time on doing.
  • Modern and intuitive look and feel to keep you inspired.
  • Minimal maintenance, and no ongoing IT support needed.
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Smart search tailored to your organization

  • AI-powered search that understands your company, markets and internal lingo.
  • Search inside each document, report, video or dashboard, and jump straight to the relevant spot.
  • Personalized results based on your team, location and more.
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Super fast upload, or automated syncing

  • Easily add new contents with drag-and-drop upload, no manual tagging required
  • Instant, AI-powered categorization
  • Or sync content automatically from Google Drive or Sharepoint.
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Share and collaborate with ease

  • Create Collections of insights on important topics
  • Leave comments, tag colleagues and share secure, personal links to individual reports 
  • Invite partners to collaborate in a dedicated "Projects" space.

Connect Stravito to
your existing tech ecosystem

Create an insights hub tailored to your organization by integrating Stravito with your existing research subscriptions, vendors and tools. Search across all sources from a single location, get more out of existing subscriptions with secure and easy SSO access to 3rd party research, and socialise and share insights with the communication tools you already use today.


External research providers like Euromonitor, Mintel and 40+ others.


Data visualization tools like KnowledgeHound, PowerBI, and Tableau.


Existing storage drives, like Google Drive and Sharepoint.


Communication tools like FB Workplace, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Enterprise-ready security


ISO 27001 certified

Secure access management

Secure access management

Encrypted cloud storage

Encrypted file storage

Ongoing backups-1

Ongoing backups

When was the last time
you loved an
enterprise software?

68% of Stravito users can't imagine life without it.

"Now everyone working at Danone all over the world can access insights in seconds. No training required."

Agathe Danjou | Global Insights Director, Danone

Envisioning consumer-centric strategy is the first step.

Implementing it is another matter.

When you buy Stravito, you also buy the expertise of a team dedicated to your success. We know that launching a new platform can be challenging, which is why we're constantly adding to and perfecting our best practices for change management. Learn more about how we're committed to generating value for your organization. 

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