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Turn insights into action at scale with Stravito Assistant

The enterprise-ready conversational AI designed to power insights-driven decisions for all

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Enjoy an interactive experience that lets you dig deeper with follow-up and clarifying questions.

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Get responses that are tailored to time, place, and the sources you select.

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Take out the guesswork with nuanced, transparent summaries that accelerate insight discovery.

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Generative AI offers significant benefits in processing large volumes of qualitative and quantitative data, and we’re excited to further integrate generative AI into our operations using Stravito Assistant.

Stravito’s human-centric approach to innovative technology positions them perfectly to assist us in boosting productivity and improving workflows that deliver the right insight at the right time to the right people, helping us to re-use insights and reduce the time-to-market.


Lalo Luna, Global Head of Strategy and Insights at Heineken 




Boost productivity

Spend minutes, not hours getting the insights you need to jumpstart a project or move business decisions forward. 




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Fact-check with ease

Go straight to the exact passages in the original report with footnotes for quick cross-referencing.





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Get precise results

Narrow down sources to only those relevant to your question with context-aware conversation.




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Copy, paste, go

Create ready-to-share presentation drafts with one click for more insights-driven collaboration.




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Leverage GenAI responsibly

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with accurate answers, data privacy, and enterprise-grade security.




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insights-driven decision making.


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