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Supercharged search with generative AI

Ask questions and get instant, transparent answers with direct links to sources for easy fact-checking.

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Get straight to the point(s)

Get summarized answers to questions to quickly digest main points before digging deeper


Fact-check with ease

Save time with answers based on your company's knowledge base and direct links to sources 


Keep your data safe & secure

Protect your intellectual property with tech run on approved, secure enterprise cloud environments

Welcome to a new era of enterprise search

Get quicker insights in a more engaging and inspiring way


Ask questions naturally, using everyday
language instead of relying on keywords


Go beyond surface-level answers with direct links to trusted sources for nuanced perspectives


Keep your curiosity piqued with AI-generated follow-up questions to guide further exploration

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Explore the latest on Gen AI from Stravito

On-Demand Masterclass: Reduce Time to Insights with Generative AI ⏰

Deep-dive into Stravito's search experienced powered by generative AI to explore how integrating this technology can make insights workflows more engaging and efficient. 

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Webinar Replay: What KM 3.0 Means for Insights Teams 🔮

Stravito CEO Thor Olof Philogène discusses how generative AI is ushering in the era of knowledge management 3.0 and shares what insights teams can do to ensure success.

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