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Consumer behavior is complicated. Making the most of your insights shouldn't be. That's why we created Stravito – so you and your stakeholders can find and access vetted insights in a matter of seconds. 

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See why global leaders use Stravito to leverage more insights.

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Simplify knowledge discovery

Stravito is an enterprise knowledge management platform for market research and insights.

  • Access all your insights in one single place.
  • Quickly find specific reports using "Quick matches" for your search term.
  • Discover new insights and reports through personalized recommendations.
  • Curate and share reports with colleagues using secure links and MS Teams or Slack.
  • Add new reports in seconds with drag-and-drop upload. No manual tagging needed.
  • Minimise admin time with modern access management.

Built with enterprises,
for enterprises.

Stravito is a flexible, user-friendly knowledge management platform designed to make a business impact. 

Accelerate growth

Use more insights across the business to fuel innovation and launch better products, campaigns, and brands.

Maximize value

Make duplicate efforts a thing of the past; distribute insight from across the business at scale, and with speed.

Boost productivity

Break down knowledge silos and make employee learning easier with a tool people actually want to use.

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Some call Stravito a knowledge management platform. Others an insights engine. A few even call it their own internal Google. Regardless of the label our customers use, Stravito helps global organizations leverage their collective knowledge and turn insights into enterprise assets.

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See the platform that's loved and used daily by consumer-centric companies

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Clients Say

The simplified, consumer experience that Stravito provides is crucial to keep colleagues inspired and encourage them to collaborate.

Nick Rich
VP of Insights & Analytics | Carlsberg Group

Stravito has been an important stepping stone to digitalization that proved a huge value when shifting to remote working globally.

Mariam Londaridze
Global Consumer Insights & Analytics Specialist | Electrolux

We want to give individuals the information to do their job correctly and Stravito has been an important piece of this puzzle. But, it's not just about efficiency; it's about flying the flag of the consumer in the organisation.

Neil Macfarlane
Insights Director | Insights Director at Pepsi Lipton

What's your knowledge management strategy?

Having the right insights at the right time for all your employees is crucial for success. This guide gives you 3 steps to strengthen your knowledge management strategy so you can put more insights to work.

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