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Leverage more insights

Use Stravito to centralize all your research and insights, enable self-service of vetted insights for stakeholders, and deliver the right insights at the right time across your organization. 

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See why global leaders use Stravito to put more insights to work.

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Built with enterprises,
for enterprises.

Stravito is a flexible and user-friendly insights platform designed to make an impact. 

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What Clients Say


The simplified, consumer experience that Stravito provides is crucial to keep colleagues inspired and encourage them to collaborate.

Nick Rich
VP of Insights & Analytics | Carlsberg Group


This is the "Google of Consumer Insights for Electrolux".

91% of Stravito users are likely to recommend the platform to a colleague.

Anne Sjöberg
Global VP of Insights & Analytics | Electrolux

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The insights team shouldn't be seen as the owners or gatekeepers. We want to give individuals the information to do their job correctly and Stravito has been an important piece of this puzzle.

Neil Macfarlane
Insights Director | Pepsi Lipton

Simplify knowledge discovery

The world's largest enterprises use Stravito to put more insights into the hands of employees.

Brilliant search that actually works

No more remembering exact file names or tags, Stravito uses AI to deliver the search results you were actually looking for.

Secure and easy self-service to insights

The user-friendly interface ensures you will no longer be outnumbered by stakeholder requests. It's so easy, anyone can use it.


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Some call Stravito a knowledge management platform. Others an insights engine. A few even call it their own internal Google. Regardless of the label our customers use, Stravito helps global organizations leverage their collective knowledge and turn insights into enterprise assets.

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Say goodbye to DIY

Is your team currently using SharePoint to store your market research and insights? Not sure if it's worth it to invest in a specialized insights platform?

We completely understand – that's why we've put together this guide on the benefits of a purpose-built solution for your most prized knowledge assets.

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