Store and share your market research

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Insights teams

Get up-to-speed and stay up-to-date on the latest research no matter where you are.

Marketing Teams

Access consumer insights from anywhere and make marketing plans with impact.

Find everything your company
knows about a topic
in just seconds.


And stay inspired
with quick access to the latest
research and insights.


Powerful enough for global rollout,
simple enough for daily use.

Save time with a purpose-built user experience. 


Automate admin tasks

Purpose-built AI auto-classifies and tags uploads to make everything findable.


Find insights faster

Deep search results with key-finding summaries uncover insights instantly.


Encourage insight discovery

Insight curation and sharing makes customer-centricity an inspiring daily habit.

Loved and used daily by
customer-centric companies

Some call Stravito an insights tool. Others a knowledge management platform. A few even call it the Netflix of Insights. Regardless of the label our customers use, Stravito helps them leverage more insights to anticipate and respond to their customers’ evolving needs.

Testimonial Quote


It’s super...I save an incredible amount of time. Particularly when I’m in a hurry and need things instantly.

Senior Manager

With Stravito, everything is searchable and it works very well. It’s very visual and simple.

Insights Manager

Easy to use and an amazing source of insights from all across the organisation! One of the key tools that break the silos between CBUs!

Digital Manager

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How impactful is your knowledge management strategy?

We’ll let you in on a secret; having the right insights at the right time for all your employees is crucial for success. In the how-to guide “From Oversight to Insight”, we provide three exercises for you to evaluate your knowledge management strategy and inform improvements.

Are your practices up-to-par?

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