Do you have more insights than time?

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Knowledge management trusted by global leaders like:

Find everything your company
knows about a topic
in one central location.


Get recommendations
for relevant new
research and insights.


Less archiving,
more analyzing

Minimize admin time and promote insights across the organization in an instant.

Create marketing
that resonates

Quickly access the latest insights and put consumers at the heart of all your decisions.

Powerful enough for global rollout,
easy enough for daily use.

Stravito is a knowledge management platform designed to make a business impact.


Reduce unnecessary costs

Avoid duplicate research and reuse insights across teams, countries, and markets.


Accelerate revenue growth

Use insights to launch more consumer-centric products, campaigns, and brands.


Improve team productivity

Streamline processes with quick and easy access to insights for all.

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Loved and used daily by
consumer-centric companies

Some call Stravito a knowledge management platform. Others an insights portal. A few even call it the Netflix of Insights. Regardless of the label our customers use, Stravito helps global organizations leverage more insights to anticipate and respond to their customers’ evolving needs.

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The simplified, consumer experience that Stravito provides is crucial to keep colleagues inspired and encourage them to collaborate.

Nick Rich, VP of Insights and Analytics at Carlsberg Group

Stravito has been an important stepping stone to digitalisation that proved a huge value when shifting to remote working globally.

Mariam Londaridze, Global Consumer Insights & Analytics specialist at Electrolux

Because Stravito works so intuitively, we can use it to promote mutual information sharing.

Ann Steyaert, Head of Market Research & Intelligence at Colruyt Group


Do you have a knowledge management strategy?

We’ll let you in on a secret; having the right insights at the right time for all your employees is crucial for success. In this guide, we provide three exercises for you to evaluate and strengthen your knowledge management strategy so you can put more insights to work.

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