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Manage research projects without the hassle

Keep your research projects running smoothly from start to finish, in one secure, flexible platform.

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Streamline workflows Icon-2

Streamline workflows

Keep processes running smoothly with brief templates, automated workflows, and more tailored to your needs.

Track spending Icon-2

Track status and spending

Increase operational and financial efficiency with full transparency on project status and spending to make every dollar count.

Centralize collaboration Icon-2

Centralize collaboration

Ensure that both internal and external stakeholders stay in-sync and up-to-date with in-app chat and secure file exchange.

Everything you need for seamless research projects

RM Feature 2-min



Make best practices a habit

Flexible customized templates and workflows empower teams to follow best practices and keep research processes aligned across the organization.



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Manage budget and research requests 

Centralize budgets and research requests for comprehensive, transparent overviews in just a few clicks.



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Plan and execute projects with ease

Switch effortlessly between fine-tuning individual projects and reviewing your entire research program.



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Wake up from your inbox nightmare

With in-app chat, you can securely communicate with both internal stakeholders and external parties, while having all relevant information at hand.



RM Feature 4-min


Efficiently collaborate with suppliers

Invite multiple agencies from your org's list of pre-approved suppliers, negotiate terms, choose the best offer, and collaborate on project execution - all in one place.


RM Feature 6-min



Stay on top of project statuses

With project timelines and milestones, it's easy to track progress, manage tasks, and ensure everything is on schedule.



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Make the most of finalized research

Publish results instantly to your Stravito platform so that no knowledge goes to waste.




If you love spending hours on research project admin ⌛,
stop here 🚫.

But if that's not you, we'd love to show you how much better research project management can be.

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