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Forbes Names Stravito a Top Machine Learning Startup in 2021

Charlotte Birchley January 11, 2021


Stravito named a top machine learning startup

Today we are thrilled to announce that Forbes has named Stravito a top machine learning company in 2021. In great company with other trailblazers such as Augury and Particle, Forbes specifically highlights our mission to help companies be more productive and get greater value from market research investments using innovative technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing.

Stravito's Co-founder & CEO Thor Olof Philogène comments:

It’s our mission to help global enterprises find and get more value out of existing insights, and we’re delighted to get recognition from a globally renowned publication like Forbes on this journey. This is only the beginning.

Our solution

We're very happy to see that our intelligent technology, such as the recently launched AI-powered recommendations for insights discovery on the Stravito platform, has sparked the interest of such an institution.

AI and machine learning sit at the very core of the Stravito solution: for insight discovery in powering tailored and personalized recommendations for further relevant readings for reports and in Collections, directly in upload to the system in auto-categorizing and meta tagging all content that is being added to the Stravito platform – no manual work needed, and in search, using for instance Natural Language Processing and more to understand what you mean, not just what you type, to deliver the most relevant insights and reports. 

It is our mission to help consumer-facing organizations around the world better understand, anticipate and service their customer's needs and wants. Using the latest technologies to enable that is an absolute must, and we look forward to sharing many more updates leveraging machine learning and other modern technologies to solve common problems for market research and insights team in an easy and user-friendly experience on the Stravito platform.