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How Atria Streamlines Consumer Insight Analysis in a Changing World

Stravito August 31, 2022


Like many enterprise-level food and beverage organizations, leading meat and food company Atria relies on consumer insights and market analysis data to inform strategy across sales, marketing and beyond. 

But with valuable data stored in shared folders and disparate computers – and a small insights team responsible for supporting a large, decentralized organization – accessibility of key data hasn’t always been easy.

In 2020, the food and beverage industry, along with almost every global market, changed significantly at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, consumer insights have accelerated, prompting enterprise-level companies to stay informed more than ever before to pivot as needed. The pandemic prompted consumers to seek out healthy, natural foods derived from local growers. They also started giving greater credence to sustainable and eco-friendly products, willing to switch to different food and beverage brands to meet their newly adopted criteria.

Even two years later, consumer behaviors continue to change. 


Why Atria chose Stravito

Immediately prior to COVID-19 and its acceleration of the market, insights managers at Atria realized that their current system was not meeting their demand; instead, they required a technical solution that made consumer insights easily accessible to everyone in the organization. “On the one hand, we lacked a system for disseminating all insights to our employees, but we also lacked the time to present and inform about all insights,” said Stefan Holmsten, Market Insight Manager at Atria.

That led the Atria team straight to Stravito, a customizable, enterprise-grade platform that enables seamless insights and data access and sharing for everyone in the organization. Not only does it help employees pull valuable reports and data with simple search functions, but it also provides share key takeaways seamlessly – saving time for all. Fortunately for Atria, timing could not have been better: the decision to invest in Stravito began right before COVID-19 and set them up for success during the changing landscape that led to remote work.

Within a matter of weeks, all insights ever obtained by Atria were available on the new internal platform. “It was amazingly smooth. With Stravito doing most of the work, the implementation was so easy that I can barely remember it,” said Rebecka Thulin, Consumer Insight & Market Analyst at Atria.


Making insights more engaging and accesible

Now, all employees can search and find their own reports without depending on the Insights Team. It’s easier than ever for employees to search specific questions and access older reports.

“Stravito has helped bring attention to the fact that we have a lot of insights, which helped increase interest in finding out more about our consumers and shoppers. Employees across marketing, sales, and innovation now use Stravito,” Holmsten added.

Shortly after implementation, Thulin and her colleagues put together Collections – a feature used to gather all relevant content around a specific category, consumption habit, and more –for each business segment. “It was incredibly powerful to be able to show that this is everything we know in this specific market,” she said.

Collections have proven to be one of the most used features in Atria's platform, as it enables the insights team to share the data far and wide, giving them the opportunity to target a project team with relevant information. 

Atria also relies on Home View, the dynamic feature that allows anyone in the company to easily access the latest reports and see what’s new. The feature makes it simple for the insights team to add new material and automatically tag it to file it under a specific topic. 


Maximizing the value of research

Ultimately, Atria sees a clear monetary value to the time that Stravito saves and the functions it provides.  “By making the reports available in Stravito, we get more out of the research. The research is made available to everyone in the organization,” emphasized Thulin.

According to Thulin, streamlining insights, data sharing and analysis has significantly contributed to their corporate insights journey. The new platform allows Atria to successfully stay up-to-date on rapidly changing trends. “Everyone at the company must be able to do their own analysis. They know their areas, we know research. Together, we all do our part to take Atria into the future – a future where we go from being product-driven to being consumer-and shopper-driven,” Thulin concluded.