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Stravito doubles down on enterprise-ready features

Charlotte Birchley March 11, 2021

For large enterprises, it’s easy for information sharing to turn into information overload. With teams spread across business units, countries, categories, and product lines, the line between accessible and relevant is a challenging one to walk. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest product update: Workspaces & Teams. 


Introducing: Workspaces & Teams

Designed to better fit the needs of large enterprises, Workspaces & Teams allows organizations to create separate Workspaces (for example, one for the B2C business unit and one for the B2B business unit). This helps large enterprises save employee time by giving direct and easy access to relevant insights, while limiting improper use of the wrong insights, leading to improved decision-making and thus growth. 

And within a Workspace, organizations can create Teams to further fine-tune access and relevancy of insights within their business unit, enabling enterprises to customize their experience in the platform like never before. 

In addition to improving user experience, Workspaces & Teams makes it easier for administrators to tailor confidentiality for sensitive research documents. 

Thor Olof Philogene, CEO of Stravito, commented:

We are always looking for new ways to combine insights relevance and security to enhance customer engagement with our platform. This Workplace and Teams update is purpose-built for large organizations with multiple units and branches, but as the business landscape continues to change against the backdrop of the pandemic, we also see increased demand for these types of services to suit organizations of all sizes.


ISO 27001 Certification

The Workspaces & Teams update follows another recent development targeted towards enterprise customers: ISO 27001 certification. 

Stravito’s ISO 27001 certification recognizes that the development and delivery of the Stravito SaaS are done in accordance with information security best practices.

To receive the certification, an in-depth audit testing all security processes and frameworks was undertaken. This included incident management, risk management, employee management, secure software development, and the management of information from third parties – giving customers full peace of mind that their data and information is secure.

Notable aspects of Stravito’s security that were commended, include its information security policy, which covers all aspects and employees of the organization, an incident management process, which allows Stravito to triage and resolve any incidents promptly, a secure software development life cycle, ensuring they deliver secure and bug-free code, and a solid risk management framework, which is used to identify and mitigate risk throughout the organization.

Marcus Södervall, head of Security at Stravito, commented:

Receiving the ISO 27001 certification is a huge accomplishment for Stravito, reinforcing our commitment to implementing best-in-class security that truly protects our customers and their data.

Not only does ISO 27001 test the maturity of Stravito’s processes, but it also embeds security into our company’s DNA, shining a light on the trusted and reliable platform we have built.

By doubling down on essential capabilities for enterprises, like customization and security, we’re continuing on our mission at Stravito to simplify knowledge discovery for global organizations.