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Stravito Introduces Generative AI Advances that Transform Search

Charlotte Birchley June 21, 2023

We're thrilled to share that we're ushering in a new era of user-friendly knowledge management with today’s launch of Stravito's proprietary generative AI capabilities to supercharge the search experience and provide users with quicker insights in a more engaging and inspiring way.

Stravito’s new generative AI functionality goes far beyond traditional enterprise search, with the ability for users to ask full questions using everyday language, and receive short natural language answers synthesized from various proprietary sources. Users can also dive deeper with recommended questions – all with the security of a closed system that generates accurate answers exclusively from a client’s owned research materials, and not beyond.

According to Stravito Founder and CEO Thor Olof Philogène, generative AI is poised to revolutionize the insights industry by unlocking entirely new value streams for global businesses. 

“Generative AI is changing the industry for the better by increasing the accessibility of any organization’s owned data – evolving market research from a one-way search into a two-way conversation,” Philogène said.

“The Stravito platform is leveraging new AI capabilities to enhance the user experience and provide better, faster and more actionable insights that have the potential to transform businesses. Instead of simply searching to find the location of information, users can now ask Stravito any question, of any complexity, and quickly receive complete answers that aggregate insight from various sources.” 


Finding the Right Questions

The power of the new capabilities is revealed the moment users begin asking and conversing, as provided answers are returned with additional “related questions” that offer follow-up search inputs based on the current conversation. These AI-generated follow-up questions help users get to the most useful, relevant information faster so they can spend less time searching and more time strategizing. 

“Generative AI has shown us that finding the best answers requires asking the right questions, so we’re making it easier to find the right question,” Philogène said.

“By including related questions alongside each answer, users can further refine their search to find the most useful answers, providing critical advantages for urgent needs and long-term business success.”


Trustworthy Answers Users Can Rely On

Critically, users and organizations can rest assured the answers provided by Stravito are trustworthy and can be relied upon given that the platform’s AI draws exclusively from each client’s internally-owned data – unlike open AI apps that pull from the public domain. 

Stravito’s exclusive use of respected and vetted data sources removes the possibility of random information noise clogging up the research process, or even worse, delivering false insights. In addition to key data points and summaries, every search also returns clickable links to source documents, so users can feel confident in the validity of the provided answers. This way, the algorithm provides context and identifies potentially contradicting data points, offering a nuanced and thorough approach. 

“Global leaders across various industries use insights hosted in Stravito to make vital business decisions, so the veracity and reliability of the data must be unimpeachable,” Philogène said.

“The updated platform continues to ensure maximum accuracy by exclusively utilizing and searching the client’s own stored data – nothing more, nothing beyond.” 


Private AI Enhances Speed, Access and Security

Stravito has invested heavily to ensure proper system functionality and testing before making it available to its user base. The technology runs on approved, secure enterprise cloud environments which are already in use for applications like SharePoint Online.

“Leveraging an AI engine provides incredible power and speed to parse large volumes of data, and that comes with great responsibility,” Philogène added.

"Some public releases of AI software have had unexpected consequences, highlighting the need for corporations to have access to private services and functions that protect their IP and market research. We’ve put in the time and work required to deliver an enhanced user experience while assuring the safety and privacy of all data and activity in the platform.”


The Cutting-Edge of Enterprise Generative AI, Available Today

Developed in close collaboration with existing enterprise customers, Stravito’s new generative AI functionality will be rolled out in stages to users to better leverage their company’s available data and research.

Stravito is already developing additional generative AI-based workflow enhancements to further revolutionize its insights platform beyond this initial offering.

To learn more about Stravito’s new generative AI capabilities, visit www.stravito.com/generative-ai