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Stravito Named in Forrester’s Now Tech: M&CI Platforms, Q1 2022

Stravito January 20, 2022


What value can you expect to get from a market & competitive intelligence (M&CI) platform?

And how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right ones for your company?

The new Now Tech: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q1 2022 report from leading global research and advisory firm Forrester Research can help you to answer those questions and more. 

We’re honored to share that Stravito has been included in this report, which offers a comprehensive overview of current providers on the market in order to help organizations select a platform that best fits their needs. 


Stravito CEO and founder, Thor Olof Philogène comments: 

It’s a happy milestone to see Stravito included in this Forrester report. The technology landscape for market and competitive intelligence has been expanding rapidly over the past few years, so resources from well-respected research agencies are increasingly vital for companies looking to discover new vendors and make the right choices for their business needs. When you choose the right technology, you increase the odds of widespread adoption of the solution across your organization. Because no one wants to invest in shelfware.

Why invest in a market and competitive intelligence platform?

Well, in Forrester’s words, “it pays to be an insights-driven business”. 

Forrester further explains this in the report, stating, “You can use market and competitive intelligence (M&CI) platforms to save significant time accessing relevant data and knowledge in one platform, finding what you need specific  to your role, and accessing insights from the business apps you spend much of your time in, such as CRM or business intelligence (BI).”


Building a powerful market and competitive intelligence toolbox 

Forrester’s report overviews a variety of M&CI solutions in the market, all with their own unique capabilities and areas of focus. 

We believe that, in addition to sources of real-time competitive intelligence, a specialized knowledge management platform like Stravito is a powerful way for global organizations to centralize your market research and insights, making them easy to access and leverage across teams and business units.

Determining which tools are right for your organization largely depends on the functionalities you need, where you’re located, and your company’s vertical. That’s precisely why Forrester’s Now Tech: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q1 2022 is such a valuable resource to get you started.


Get the complimentary report 

For a limited time, we’re offering a complimentary reprint of this report, to help guide you on your M&CI journey. You can access it here.