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The Top 5 Topics to Watch with Stravito’s Insight Radar

Sarah Wiggins May 19, 2022


Change is a funny thing. 

Sometimes, it happens in an instant. Other times, it’s gradual. 

Which is why it’s essential for businesses to ensure that they can adapt to all types of change, whether that means being able to pivot at a moment’s notice, or anticipating the consequences of slow, steady change.

This requires staying up-to-date on major shifts and trends, as well as the details and nuances that accompany them.

But with a nearly endless flow of information, it can feel impossible to accomplish that goal. Insights professionals, analysts, and researchers need the right tools to lessen the load. 

That’s why at Stravito, we’ve made it our priority to always be looking for ways to help insights professionals and business stakeholders interact with insights in more efficient, productive, and meaningful ways. 

Our new feature, Insight Radar, lets you:

  • Subscribe to specific topics and areas of interest 
  • Set individual filters to get personalized updates
  • Get timely email notifications as soon as matching content is uploaded to the platform

In other words, Insight Radar gives you the power to stay up-to-date without getting overwhelmed. 

Below, we’ll review the top 5 Insight Radar topics that Stravito users have been following so far.  


Topic #1: Product or category specific keywords

Roughly 33% of all Insight Radars are set to track a specific category, product, or brand, and rightly so.

If you’re responsible for a specific product line, category, or brand, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on everything related to your area, whether you're an insight manager or a brand/category manager

With Insight Radar, you can easily track updates and share them in a readily digestible manner. 

One powerful Insight Radar integration is with RSS news feeds, which makes it possible to automatically gather both internal documents and publicly available updates. 


Topic #2: Sustainability

Another prominent Insight Radar topic is sustainability, which comes as no surprise, considering that it has become an increasingly important area for businesses to address in recent years

Up to 20% of Insight Radars are set on keywords related to sustainability, including more specific ones related to packaging. 

In order to find the innovative solutions necessary for a more sustainable future, cross-functional collaboration is crucial. While sustainability and its impacts on consumer behavior are of central importance for insights teams, it’s also crucial for stakeholders in packaging, marketing, R&D, CSR, and others to have a deep understanding of these topics.  


Topic #3: Macrotrends & shifts

On top of more persistent topics like sustainability, the past few years have brought with them several major shifts in the macrosphere. As we all know, factors like the pandemic, lockdowns, and conflicts, both domestic and international, have impacted the way that many of us live our lives. 

In 2022, many experts are concerned with rising inflation and the possibility of recession of the world economy. In fact, consumer prices have risen at the fastest pace in 40 years. That’s why it makes a lot of sense that up to 10% of Insight Radars are associated with macrotrends, especially inflation. 

It’s an essential topic for business stakeholders to stay on-top-of, particularly those working with strategy and business development, as well as those in the C-suite.


Topic #4: Customer experience 

It’s no secret that companies who invest in truly understanding their customers reap rewards. According to McKinsey, organizations that leverage customer insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and by more than 25% in gross margin

Stravito was developed to support consumer-centric work for global enterprises, so it tracks that 10% of Insight Radars are set for keywords related to customer experience. 

Consumer centricity is an organization-wide effort, and Insight Radar can help to keep consumers at the heart of decisions throughout the value chain.


Topic #5: Region/country 

Despite an increasingly connected world, geographical differences are still something to pay attention to. Tailoring to specific audiences requires an understanding of the various layers of cultural nuances. 

Another 10% of Insight Radars are dedicated to regions or countries.

This is a great way to stay up-to-date on all new insights related to a particular geographical area and to help increase relevance. It can also be a way to search for inspiration from other markets and more easily apply learnings. 


What’s on your radar? 

20% of Insight Radars are set to follow other topics or specific requests. 

That’s what makes it such a powerful tool; you can customize each Insight Radar to track updates related to any niche or topic.  

And beyond the topic, you can choose to follow specific sources, keywords, and filters. Set-up is flexible, so you can adjust as your needs evolve, and you can create as many Insight Radars as you’d like. 

Whatever you want to keep on your radar, Insight Radar will make sure you’re covered.


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