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How Danone Put Insights at Their Employees’ Fingertips

Stravito February 22, 2019


A global organisation with a global problem

Danone had identified specific pain points on a global scale: a large part of the time spent by strategy & insight teams was answering requests for information, data and reports but there was no quick or easy way of accessing the information and they relied too much on people’s memory.

Many reports were stored in shared drives but there was no single place to share knowledge nor a way of easily searching for reports. Also, Danone had no collaboration tool which meant insights were mainly shared on a project level and there was no way to easily and successfully re-use or leverage past learnings in other teams.


Creating a solution

Just like brilliant experiences like Google and Spotify, Danone wanted to bring the same level of ease to finding information in their business environment. The desired solution couldn’t be difficult to handle, slow to get started or require lots of resources to manage. Fortunately, Stravito and Danone shared a very similar vision: one search engine for all market intelligence with an extremely user-friendly experience that uses the latest technology like machine learning and AI at its very core. An important part of the solution was based on the idea to remove the need for manual intervention in upload with machine learning and AI as the enabler: to get perfectly classified documents without any humans involved.

After a hugely successful rollout across the world, the new solution has given Danone a competitive edge. An edge that comes from pushing the boundaries, being innovative and not settling for a default solution.

"The project has provided us with a great tool and it brought more innovation in the organization from a tool perspective, but also in our ways of working, enabling us to share much more and to be more agile.

The result of the co-creation is that we now have a fantastic tool based on a user experience that suits our culture. Everyone working at Danone all over the world can access insights in seconds, no training required.” 

-Global Strategy & Insight Director