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Stravito Enhances API to Bolster Integration Capabilities for Global Enterprises

Stravito June 21, 2024

As part of our continued work to build out and simplify our integration capabilities, we’re excited to release significant enhancements to the Stravito API, enabling more of the world’s largest organizations to centralize their insights so they can make more informed business decisions. 

With the Stravito API, organizations can seamlessly integrate a wide range of information sources. This allows marketing and insights professionals to access critical business insights from the Stravito platform, regardless of whether the data originates from the Stravito library or other repositories.

Centralizing insights not only makes insights more accessible but also ensures that organizations can reuse existing research, maximizing the ROI on information sources that require paid subscriptions.

Thor Olof Philogène, CEO and Founder at Stravito, comments, “The enhancements to the Stravito API are a significant step in our journey to expand our integration capabilities so individuals at global enterprises can easily discover and integrate insights into their business decisions.”

“By streamlining access to insights with the Stravito API, we aim to help marketing and insights teams get the most value out of their insights.”

Leading insights organizations such as Owlin, Hall & Partners, and LCP Delta already leverage Stravito's API to distribute their insights to enterprise companies.

‘’APIs are a big focus for Owlin as they allow our clients to seamlessly integrate our real-time insights and data into their existing workflows, enabling them to make more informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Our collaboration with Stravito exemplifies this. Together, we help our shared clients achieve their ambitions by ensuring they have access to critical insights precisely when and where they need them."

- Stefan Peekel, Chief Growth Officer at Owlin.