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Stravito Launches API for Global Enterprises

Charlotte Birchley October 12, 2021

Announcing the Stravito API

We’re thrilled to announce that we've launched our first API. Now, global enterprises can connect Stravito with other applications that are already in use across the company, allowing employees to easily search for and find insights in more places, for example directly on their intranet.

The new API will enable enterprises to use Stravito's core functionalities across existing IT systems.

Notable features covered in the Stravito API include: Search, Lookup and Log Management.

  1. Search. Connect a search function in an existing internal system and the Stravito API will find the market research that matches the user queries fast. 
  2. Lookup. Pull information about an asset (like a market research report) in Stravito for display in another internal system.
  3. Log management. Continuously update existing internal log management systems to show how Stravito is being used.

Thor Olof Philogene, CEO and co-founder of Stravito comments:

We know global enterprises have huge IT ecosystems which can, at times, be hard to manage. We want to make sure that insights stored in Stravito are as easy to access as possible, so employees in any department, in any country can make informed business decisions.

Our API paves the way for this, allowing organizations to integrate Stravito into existing applications, simplifying access to insights across the organization.

Additional product updates

The roll-out of the API, which is already in use by some of the world’s largest enterprises, comes following a number of recent feature launches at Stravito. This includes the roll-out of Top Matches which allows individuals to quickly locate specific assets they know exist through fast search-as-you-type, in addition to further updates to the popular Collections feature, which allows users to organize market intelligence, for example by topic, product area or region. 


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