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5 Ways to Simplify Knowledge Discovery for Insights Teams

Stravito November 1, 2019

Every day, insight teams are bombarded with requests for information from across the organisation and the sheer amount of information to digest is staggering. Each organisation has its own way of structuring and storing data but no matter the solution at hand, many teams still face the challenge of poor accessibility of company knowledge combined with complex processes required by existing systems.

This very common situation is described by the Global Strategy & Insight Director at Danone:

"Many reports were stored in shared drives but there was no single place to share knowledge, nor a way of easily searching for reports. We had no collaboration tool which meant insights were mainly shared on a project level, and there was no way to easily and successfully re-use or leverage past learnings in other teams. In short, we had a great amount of data and information, but no easy way of accessing it."


With such an environment, there's never been a better time to take a new approach to organising company information. Below, we will share a fresh perspective on how Danone and other industry leaders work to overcome key industry challenges.

1. Best-in-Class Search for the Entire Organisation

Insight professionals spend a significant amount of their day answering business questions from colleagues. A McKinsey study revealed that employees spend 19% of the average work week searching for and gathering information. That is nearly equivalent to one full working day per week.

At Stravito, we’ve designed a solution that addresses this industry challenge by employing AI and machine learning technology to build a best-in-class search engine for all your company's market intelligence. Being able to find the most relevant reports instantly, and being able to view key findings of a report saves significant time and allows teams to determine if a report is useful without scanning through the entire document.


2. Automatic Uploading and Indexing of Documents

A major bottleneck for organising company data is all the admin work that is required to manually upload, log and tag documents to make sure it is traceable for future use. Many employees do not find the document they need simply because the document is not in the system or correctly tagged in the system.

One approach is to automate the manual process. With Stravito’s drag-and-drop solution, you can automatically index all the content in your documents, auto-categorise it and auto-tag the document with meta-tags. With no manual tagging necessary, organising data becomes easy.


3. A Consumer-Level Experience Like Google or Wikipedia

Have you ever received training to search for information in Google? In a similar way, we believe the perfect solution for insight professionals is as intuitive and easy-to-use as Google. With a consumer-level experience in your workplace, using new software is not a burden but a delight. And this is the standard expected by the new generation of digital natives in the workforce.

Anyone in your organisation can access Stravito to find answers to their business questions, no prior training required. Marketing and Sales teams no longer need to wait for Consumer Insight teams to deliver key findings. Instead, they can find insights themselves, saving time for everyone and enabling speed to decisions.


4. Personalised & Inspiring Content Like Spotify

Customised content curation makes discovering new insights easy for the users. Like discovering new music on Spotify through playlists, organisations can now do the same with insights. Employees can stay updated by being prompted to key reports thus instilling a data-driven culture within the organisation. With more knowledge accessible to employees, you increase the return on investment of existing knowledge.


5. Improved Collaboration with Easy Sharing

Imagine you find unique insights that you want to share with your team or potentially other departments. With Stravito, spreading insights across your organisation is as easy as the click of the button with collaborative collections and peer-to-peer sharing.

By creating an environment that allows for easy sharing of information, organisations can increase collaboration between employees and boost the ROI of existing knowledge to drive business growth.


Conclusion: The Case for Keeping it Simple

Once again, the Global Strategy & Insights Director at Danone, puts it well:

"Stravito has provided us with a great tool that’s bringing more innovation to the organisation. It enables us to work more agile and take full advantage of the company’s market knowledge. All Danone employees, worldwide, can access insights in seconds, no training required."

We believe the tools you use on a daily basis should make your work easier and more effective. Because your ability to find and immediately act upon relevant market intelligence will directly impact the performance of your business. That's why at Stravito, our mission is to enable your team to know more, while keeping the task of actually finding information simple.

Would you like to learn more about our approach? Please contact us at: hello@stravito.com