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Mastering the Art of Working Remotely, Not Alone

Sarah Wiggins April 2, 2020


In recent years, remote work has been seen as a luxury. It’s been praised for its ability to enhance productivity, performance, engagement, retention, and profitability. But now that remote work has widely become a necessity for the indefinite future, it is essential to reevaluate organisational tools and processes in this new context.

To work effectively together, it’s important to provide additional support to individuals. In this article, we explain how Stravito can help you master the art of working remotely, not alone.


Embracing asynchronous work and communication

Collaboration and communication are two of the main challenges associated with remote work. In fact, in The 2020 State of Remote Work, collaboration and communication were cited by 20% of respondents as their biggest remote work struggles. And these respondents were people who are accustomed to working remotely. When employees who are used to working in a shared office are suddenly thrust into remote work, collaboration and communication can present an even greater challenge.

Real-time communication tools like video calls and chats are an essential part of your remote work communication infrastructure. But as all workplace communications become digital, it’s important to diversify the technology that your team uses to stay connected. Specifically, tools that support asynchronous work are key to helping everyone be as productive as possible. The normal workday has been disrupted, and many employees are facing a variety of distractions, like children home from school or stressful news updates. In these circumstances, it’s essential to embrace letting employees do more of their work on their own time.

Now, it’s more important than ever to also include forums that allow for asynchronous communication, particularly when exchanging more complicated information like insights that guide commercial decision making. For example, Stravito allows you to send just one link to a whole collection of research documents and collaborate with other users to curate these collections. Additionally, meta-tagging of documents makes it easy for anyone on the team to find relevant information.

All of these functions make it simple to share information at any time, wherever you are. It’s also easy to save documents for reading later, so you and your colleagues can easily find them again when needed.


Empowering individuals to find information

Another related challenge is lack of access to information. While finding information was already challenging before, working remotely can further increase the time and effort needed to locate information from coworkers.

The physical distance and the distractions that come with working remotely can mean that your coworkers answer more slowly than they would normally. And you can’t simply walk over to their desk and ask them. In order to work as productively as you can in these circumstances, it’s important to be empowered to find information yourself. Otherwise, you might get slowed down and lose the momentum of that great idea that just popped into your head. And pursuing great ideas is even more important right now.

Stravito is designed to empower users to find information easily, and it accomplishes this in a variety of ways. First, the Stravito platform supports a wide range of file formats, such as pdfs, Powerpoints, and videos, and offers integrations with third-party dashboards. This allows you to centralise all of your insights so that everyone knows where to start looking.

But what’s even more essential is powerful search that can take you to exactly what you’re looking for. Stravito allows you to go beyond keyword queries and ask questions like “What do we know about millennial consumption?”. You can also refine results with custom filters and go directly to key findings, helping you to find and process information more quickly.


Work remotely, not alone

In times of uncertainty, supporting employees to work on their terms and empowering them to find the answers to their questions is key. However, working remotely shouldn't be the same as working alone. With the right technology, you can improve knowledge sharing in your organisation, keeping everyone connected and informed even when not physically in the same place.

Stravito can support all of these efforts by making it easy to find, organise, and share insights. And as a cloud-based platform, it can be accessed by your team wherever and whenever they need it.

Now is the time to make sure that you and your team have the right tools and processes to succeed in the weeks ahead.


Tips: Mastering remote information sharing

  • Supplement real-time tools, like video calls and chat, with tools that support asynchronous work and communication.
  • Rethink how you share information, especially when it is more complex.
  • Designate one place to store all of your insights.
  • Make sure that your tools make it easy for employees to find information.