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Quirk's Chicago Recap: Transforming Brands with Compassionate Insights

Maja Hamberg March 31, 2023


At Quirk's Chicago 2023, Jorge Calvachi, the Director of Insights at La-Z-Boy, took the stage alongside Stravito's LLoyd Yoo to share insights on transforming the furniture company's brand through a human-centered approach to consumer insights.


Calvachi emphasized the importance of shifting from a traditional consumer-centric approach to a more personal and engaging human-centric approach that prioritizes compassion over mere empathy. The approach focuses on truly understanding customers and creating positive, lasting impressions, which Jorge believes is essential for any company that wants to thrive in today's market.

Key takeaways

✔️ The process of diagnosing the problem, creating consumer journey maps, and building the capabilities of the insights ecosystem to achieve a more customer-centric company.

✔️ The significance of creating a single source of truth to monitor and track the customer experience and integrate different company functions.

✔️ The importance of building meaningful connections with customers. Jorge gave an inspiring example of a customer's emotional attachment to their La-Z-Boy recliner and how the company showed compassion by repairing it, even though it was out of warranty.

"..As somebody who's actually individually taking compassion to become a human-centric organization, you have to be able to know when compassion needs to kick in."

Jorge highlighted that by putting empathy and compassion at the forefront of their operations, companies can build strong emotional bonds with their customers and ultimately achieve greater success. Take a closer look at La-Z-Boy's journey toward becoming an insights-driven enterprise


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