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Webinar: Increase Insights ROI with Knowledge Management

Adriana Bozbiciu June 11, 2021


When was the last time you had to ask a colleague to send you a report because you couldn’t find it yourself? Or have you ever trawled through incomprehensible folder structures on an internal server, only to realize the report you wanted was sitting in your email inbox all along? 

It is incredibly common for research and insights to go underused in large, global enterprises. Instead of being applied to business decisions or used to inform further research projects, valuable insights are hidden in local file drives or locked behind the doors of unintuitive software. 

Having experienced these problems ourselves, both as data-driven leaders in fast-growing tech companies and as the founders of global shopper research agency NORM, Stravito’s co-founders embarked on a mission to solve the underuse of market research and insights once and for all with a new type of software: a user-friendly knowledge management platform. 

In this recent webinar, Stravito CEO and co-founder Thor Olof Philogène shares the philosophy behind Stravito, and Enterprise Business Development Manager, Tania Poelmann, gives a live product demo to show you how leading brands such as Electrolux, Carlsberg and Comcast have elevated the role of insights and are using the Stravito platform across their global organizations. 

You’ll learn first-hand how Stravito makes it easy to increase insights ROI by:

  • Centralizing reports, dashboards, videos, and more
  • Inspiring stakeholders with relevant, easy-to-digest content
  • Tailoring knowledge sharing to user needs and preferences

You’ll also get to hear in-depth answers to questions on key topics like:

  • Platform customization
  • How to use Stravito for external projects with research agencies 
  • Integrations with other softwares 


Watch the on-demand demo

Get instant access to this on-demand product demo webinar and learn more about how you can maximize the value of your insights. 



About the speakers

Thor Olof Philogène

Thor Olof Philogène is the CEO and co-founder of Stravito, an AI-powered knowledge management system for market research and insights with clients such as Electrolux, Carlsberg and Danone. Before Stravito, Thor was the Chief Revenue Officer at fintech company iZettle, which was since acquired by Paypal. Thor holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics.

Tania Poelmann

Tania Poelmann is the Enterprise Business Development Manager at Stravito, where she helps some of the world’s largest enterprises create more value from better knowledge management. Prior to joining Stravito, Tania worked in Marketing at Advidi. Tania holds a B.A from Amsterdam University College.