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On-demand Demo: Access All Your Insights From Anywhere

Thor Olof Philogène February 19, 2021

Often, the answer to a marketing question already exists in the firm’s historical research. Finding it is the challenge.

Stravito was designed as a direct answer to real-life problems experienced by innovative market research providers who saw that their clients often weren’t getting the full value of the research they purchased. 

Time and time again they'd get calls from clients that had bought research from them but couldn’t find it internally. So together with a duo of growth-focused technology professionals, they decided to find a way to solve this problem for Consumer & Market Insights teams. 

And that’s why they founded Stravito.


Not your average enterprise software 

Their combined experiences proved to them that there was a need for a better way to store, locate, and distribute insights in large organizations. 

But what does better look like? 

Stravito CEO and co-founder Thor Olof Philogène explains: 

Well first, we didn’t want to create another clunky enterprise solution. 

And in order not to do that, we took inspiration from consumer-facing services like Spotify and Netflix, that have intuitive interfaces that require no manuals or training. Interfaces that offer curated content catered to users’ preferences. 

We then went on to use AI and machine learning to remove friction from administrative tasks, like upload and manual categorisation. Because we found, in our studies, those to be common barriers to use in existing solutions. 

We wanted to make sure that the search function was smarter. That it could go beyond the constraints of keyword search, so that users could find what they were looking for without necessarily knowing the exact file name or the exact location.

And we wanted to reimagine knowledge sharing. To make it easier for insights teams to share a variety of complex information with the right people, at the right time.


Trusted by global leaders like  Electrolux, Pepsi Lipton, Carlsberg and more, Stravito makes it simple for insights teams to centralize their market research, so they can quickly find relevant insights and easily share those insights with the right stakeholders. 

We were looking for simple and intuitive ways to help teams get closer to the customer. Software you didn’t need training for, that worked similarly to Google – simplicity is at the core. - Electrolux 


I head up insights for European teams but also have colleagues in the North America, LATAM, Asia, Asia Pacific and China regions. Stravito is opened up for everyone there to access too. It's also a key resource for marketing and R&D. - Pepsi Lipton


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