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On-demand Webinar: Insights Sharing, Remote Work, and AI

Adriana Bozbiciu February 5, 2021

Over the last year, the need for better digital tools has really been accentuated. The pandemic has accelerated changes in the way we work and really highlighted the need for powerful technology that puts people first, no matter where they are in the world, at home or in an office. 


Session overview

In this webinar with ESOMAR, Stravito’s CEO and co-founder Thor Olof Philogène explores how companies can improve remote collaboration by boosting insights sharing. Specifically, he illustrates how an AI-powered knowledge management platform like Stravito can support CMI and marketing teams in these efforts. 

Why is Stravito uniquely suited to address these challenges? Well, because the problems that Stravito solves aren’t new. The need to access and share insights across teams and business units existed long before the pandemic.

In fact, that’s why Stravito was founded. 

When working at the fast-growing FinTech company iZettle, Thor and our other co-founder Sarah Lee  were faced with the challenge of distributing a seemingly infinite amount of data and insights across the organization. 

Thor explains: 

We implemented some tools, but they were really designed only for a select number of “superusers”. They had a wide variety of advanced features, but we found that the majority of the team didn’t even know how to login. So these tools really weren’t making it possible for everyone in the organization to access the insights they needed to develop a rich understanding of our customers. 

At the same time, in a different part of town, my other co-founders Anders and Andreas had founded and were running the global shopper research agency NORM, which is now owned by Ipsos. They were experiencing the opposite side of that problem; time and time again they’d get calls from clients that had purchased research from them but couldn't find it internally. These global, multinational clients would waste countless hours searching through shared drives, inboxes, or USB sticks, until finally they’d resort to contacting the agency to get another copy of their own research. 

Our combined experiences made us realize that there was a need for a better way to share knowledge and insights in organizations. Often, the answer to a marketing question already exists in the firm’s historical research. Finding it is the challenge.



Watch the webinar

Discover what “better” looks like and how some of the world’s leading companies (like Pepsi Lipton and Electrolux) are using Stravito’s AI-powered knowledge management platform to boost insights sharing and enhance remote collaboration efforts in the full webinar (incl. audience Q&A) below.