The Next Generation of Insights with Comcast and Stravito

By Stravito - October 28, 2020


"Our CMO loves using our portal because quick questions that otherwise would need to be answered by research are already there."

Amanda Alvarez, Insights Portal Manager at Comcast.


Comcast Corporation is one of the world's largest global media and technology companies.

With decades of consumer knowledge under its belt, Amanda Alvarez was recently appointed to the newly formed Consumer Research and Insights team to drive the organisation’s vision for knowledge management.

Since February, Amanda has been bringing the organisation closer to the consumer and making insights readily available for employees, choosing Stravito to power Comcast’s Insights Portal.

Amanda explains, “My main responsibility is a centralised repository of research that is accessible not only to individuals directly within our branch, but to the whole of Comcast. To disseminate information via newsletters but to also get them access and make it easy and effective for them to find research.”


Becoming agile and insights-driven

"The dissemination of information is key in a large organisation," says Amanda.

“It is very easy to duplicate the same research which is inefficient, costly and it takes up time. So, to have a self-service place where people can come and find those insights for themselves is invaluable to teams.

“Our CMO loves using our portal because these quick questions that otherwise would need to be answered by research are already there, even if they are one or two years old, they answer the particular question that they have top of mind.”


Keeping the pace

COVID-19 has recently accelerated the need for timely insights across the organisation.

“The fact there’s now daily news that could affect the way that a consumer thinks about our business has necessitated the need to to rethink what it means to be quick and agile. Tools help with that but it’s also reframing the way we think about that within the business itself,” says Amanda.

“As difficult as it is not being in a physical place, it’s made it much easier to be in meetings where we otherwise wouldn’t be needed to drive business decisions or to see where consumer research would help to drive the business forward. It’s also allowed us to insert ourselves into pivotal ways within different groups in the organisation.”


The future of insights at Comcast 

And Amanda believes this change in perception will be long-lasting.

“As the person that manages the insights portal and builds out newsletters from this, I think it’s really important that the research that we’re doing is timely. So, if we’re putting out newsletters and insights of events that happened last week, we want it up on the portal, we want employees across the organisations to actually connect with it.

“And, something which happens quite a lot in large organisations, is that something will happen a week or two ago and someone will necessitate research around it. But if we can pre-empt what’s already coming and disseminate the information, we’ve already answered those questions.

“That to me is where I see our portal going. Our role as disseminators of insights. Leading the charge in creating actionable insights.”



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